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Dev Note – 20170413

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful

Hi there, so today I want to share about 3 things to you:
1. Renaming the NPM’s package.json
2. Article from Peter Norvig that is titled “Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years”
3. Article from Adrian Komsmaczewskiw that is titled Being a Developer After 40.
So let it begin.

1. Renaming the NPM’s package.json

So yesterday I tried to make a small web build system using gulp (which you can see here), and as we know, when we want to use gulp, we have to install it first using the npm package (npm install gulp --save dev or npm install gulp -g). The things went smoothly until I tried to test the portability by deleting the node_modules folder. Usually, if we have a valid package.json and type npm install, the npm package manager will immediately install all of our dependencies that are stated in package.json. But there is nothing happened there.

It turned out that I made a mistake when renaming the package.json name attribute. The problem is like this, when I created an npm package using npm init, I set the name attribute as “web_template”. It was valid, but the catch is, when we try to rename the name attribute manually and our new name contains “illegal character” (e.g. “_”), the npm package will not accept it. Because it is considered as illegal.

So the solution is to remove all of the illegal character. In my case, I change the new name from “project_one” to “project-one”. And it solves the problem. So next time, if you want to manually change your npm’s package.json, make sure you exclude the “illegal characters” out of your new name.

2. Peter Norvig – Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

Peter Norvig is a computer scientist and director of research at Google. And a few days ago, I stumbled on one of his article titled “Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years” (you can read it here). As the title says, this article is voicing Peter Norvig’s opinion that we should take our time to learn programming. Why? Because make our self familiar with programming language is not the same as the mastery of a programming language, and to go further the mastery of programming mindset. In short, for you that are in a hurry to become a so-called programmer, this article will give you reasons to lengthen your learning timeline, and also slow your learning pace a little bit.

3. Adrian Komsmacyewski – Being A Developer After 40

The last article that I want to share come from a 40 years old self-taught developer. This article contains tons of wisdom about how to be a self-taught programmer. You can see it here.

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